by David McKenzie Grant
   - an adventure-photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I've been drawn to photography, and been shooting, for more than 10 years - initially it was the creative way of rollerblading that caught my eye, and has since evolved into climbing, hiking and exploring the wild and beautiful places of this world.

I find great inspiration in capturing people who see this world in a creative light, and doing things unimaginable to others. I get inspired by exploring this world, and finding places more beautiful that one could imagine. I get inspired by people with passion -  and a heart to follow their passion.

I strive through my photography to capture these places, moments and people - whether it being that of a passionate cabinetmaker showcasing his skilled work or climbers setting up new routes on seacliffs with the full force of the Atlantic ocean crushing in on the rocks beneath them.

I am currently working as a freelance photographer, available for most kinds of photography and small video-productions - including event-, concert- and show-photography, on-location product shots, various journalistic- and commercial shoots, wedding-photography, profile- and head-shots.
...and I am always up for a good adventure, tour, road-trip or expedition...! ;-) 

Give me a shout for more info ( Contact info ) - including showcase of related works, pricing, availability etc...
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Clients and publications include

* Snedkeriet Haandkraft

* Be-Mag

* Winterclash

* Blade-In Zine by Robbie Pitts

* Rollerblade Association Denmark

* Magasinet Klatring // Dansk Klatreforbund

* Better Than Something - Jay Reatard

* Team Tours

* Voke Reklame og Design

Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank"><i><u>Brooke Jackson</u></i></a>

Photo courtesy of Brooke Jackson

Adventure. Action. Exploration.

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